How do I set up a bitcoin wallet?

It is recommended to use a bitcoin wallet on your smartphone. If you are using an Android phone we recommend Mycelium, and on an iPhone we recommend Breadwallet. These are well reviewed apps available on the Play Store and App Store respectively.

How long does it take for my bitcoin to arrive?

Once your have pressed “send” your bitcoin transaction is broadcast to the bitcoin network immediately. We always include a transaction-fee of 10% more than the recommended “fastest-fee” from We pay for the cost of this transaction-fee. It is not deducted from your purchase.

I haven’t seen my transaction. Did it go through?

If you saw the green “transaction completed” screen then your bitcoin has been broadcast to the Bitcoin network. If you are not seeing the transaction in your wallet within 5-10 seconds try refreshing your bitcoin wallet, or force-closing and reopening it. Make sure you have a source of data (3g/4g/LTE or WIFI) available.

You can use a block explorer such as to verify your bitcoin has been sent. Insert your bitcoin address into the search field and view all the bitcoin transactions that have ever been received by that address.

What is the exchange rate at the ATM?

Our fees vary regularly. Our pricing is based off of the local market that our kiosks operate in; however please note that there is no such thing as one single market price. Different markets and exchanges with different purchasing methods all have different pricing — our pricing algorithm takes into account a variety of factors such as supply constraints, price volatility, and of course our own operating costs.

The price per bitcoin is always clearly visible on the kiosk screen before you begin your transaction, and the total bitcoin you will be receiving is updated as you insert each bill during your purchase.

Does the bitcoin ATM sell tickets of any kind?

No, and you should be wary of anyone attempting to use one of our machines to process a payment for any promised service or product. Never send bitcoin to a wallet that you do not control. Never send bitcoin to anyone you do not trust.